David Scott Molnar

Aviation Engineering Technical Services, Inc. (A.E.T.S.)
121 Mary Musgrove Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31410
Phone: (912) 713-3826
Professional Work ExperienceAIRCRAFT STRUCTURAL DESIGN AND STRESS ENGINEER (January 2001 to Present)
Aviation Engineering Technical Services Incorporated, Savannah, Georgia
·   Owner/President of Consulting Engineering Company
DER approval of major structural repairs and modifications to commercial & business jet aircraft.
DER approval of interior arrangements for alterations on commercial & business jet aircraft.
DER approval of compliance inspections on “Executive” and “Medevac” interior installations.
DER approval of FAR 25.562 dynamic seat installations on commercial & business jet aircraft.
DER approval of galley static test plans, reports, and test witnessing.
DER approval of flammability tests on cabin, insulation, & cargo compartment interior materials.
ODA approval of Class B Baggage Full Scale Fire Test / EASA on Certification Coordination (GVII-G500)
DAS/ODA Structures Unit Member for the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. (ODA-511131-CE)
DAS/ODA Structures Unit Member for Delta Engineering (ODA-800728-NE)
ODA Structures Unit Member for ALOFT AeroArchitects (formerly PATS) (ODA-95529-NE)
ODA Structures Unit Member for VT DRB Aviation Consultants (ODA-831473-SW)
ODA Structures Unit Member for L-3 Communications (ODA-750154-SW)
ODA Structures Unit Member for GDC Technics (ODA-750173-SW)
ODA Structures Unit Member for StandardAero (ODA-100079-CE)
ODA Structures Unit Member for Boeing (ODA-300064-NM)

INTERIOR STRUCTURES ENGINEER (August 1998 to January 2001)
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Aircraft Completion Center, Savannah, Georgia
·         FAA Designated Engineering Representative & Designated Alteration Station Engineer
Approved structural designs, decompression analysis reports, and static strength analysis reports.
Approved cabin interior arrangements and conducted compliance inspections.
Approved cabin interior flammability certification reports.
·         Design Group Lead Engineer
Group leader in charge of seven design engineers and their work schedules.
·         Stress Engineer
Analyzed interior cabinetry and installations for the Gulfstream G-IV SP and G-V aircraft.
Analyzed cabin seating installations, floorboard repairs, and floor loading.
Analyzed cabin decompression aspects for various interior arrangements.
Analyzed antenna installations and fuselage skin repairs.
INTERIOR STRUCTURES ENGINEER (August 1995 to August 1998)
Cessna Aircraft Company, Aircraft Completion Center, Wichita, Kansas
·         FAA Designated Engineering Representative
Interior Structures DER regarding cabin interior and cargo compartment fire protection issues.
Approved cabin interior flammability certification reports for all Cessna Citation models.
·         Stress Engineer
Analyzed cabinetry and installations for all Citation Models.
Prepared test proposals to evaluate the static strength of interior cabinets on the Cessna Citation X.
Prepared test proposals and conducted dynamic seat tests on the Cessna Citation Jet and Citation X.
Prepared compliance reports evaluating the crashworthiness of the Cessna Citation X.
Participated in an equivalent level of safety issue paper for exit signs on the Cessna Citation Excel.
Developed a test proposal to evaluate cabin egress from the Cessna Citation Excel.

AEROSPACE ENGINEER (August 1992 to August 1995)
Intek Incorporated, Westerville, Ohio
·         Project Manager
Prepared proposals used to bid on space flight hardware contracts and maintained production schedules.
·         Aerospace Engineer
Participated in the design and structural/thermal analysis of space flight hardware.
Developed qualification and acceptance test procedures on deliverable space flight hardware.

Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Related ExperienceCommercial Pilot with an Airplane, Single Engine Land, and Instrument Rating.
Certified Flight Instructor with an Instrument Airplane Rating.